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ReInsurance Recoveries  

RCI specializes in reinsurance recoveries. They are a proven leader in this field having recovered reinsurance assets in excess of $20 million in over 70 countries world-wide.

A primary reason for the non-payment of reinsurance debts is almost certainly due to communication breakdowns between cedants and reinsurers. Normal communication channels can be disrupted for many reasons including: structural changes affecting the intermediaries involved, structural changes affecting the reinsurer (take-overs, mergers, change of name, change of addresses), the financial stability of the reinsurer and the economic environment in which the reinsurer is operating. Our success in this area is due to our ability to successfully bridge these breakdown and recover reinsurrance assetts.


RCI has the expertise needed to handle the recovery of difficult and problematic reinsurance balances and claims. We track down the reinsurer (or the organization currently handling the original business placed), the personnel within that organization handling the business, make initial contact and follow through this process with face to face meetings leading to a final settlement.

Often, reinsurance recoveries can be achieved as part of an overall or partial commutation of the book of business between cedant and reinsurer. Commutation provides a particularly strong incentive for reinsurers to settle and adds significant leverage when negotiating the settlement.

RCI assists clients staff in the preparation of the technical documentation required (accounting, claims, legal and statutory) to substantiate the claims. Please note that we do not handle clients funds or settlements - all funds pass directly between the reinsurer and cedant.

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