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RCI has substantial experience in negotiating complex commutations and have acted on behalf of both ceding companies and reinsurers successfully.

Commutation, as a tool, can often be used to reduce processing costs, increase balance-sheet liquidity, resolve problematic asset recoveries and provide finality. A pro-active commutation policy can reduce ongoing costs and assist management to operate a neater less cumbersome operation. Negotiated commutations can also be used as a tool to avoid costly and protracted arbitration or legal proceedings.


RCI has handled major commutation projects in the UK, Europe, Far East, South-East Asia, Europe, Latin America, the US & Canada – accumulating direct working experience in over 70 countries worldwide.

Having an office in Israel, RCI is well placed to serve all clients needs in the Israel market. Leonard Friedmann is well known professionally and has ongoing professional contacts with many of the leading decision makers heading the major insurance groupings including: Clal Group, Migdal Group, Menorah, Phoenix, ILD and the Ayalon.

RCI's proactive commutation approach on behalf of their client companies has, over the years, proved itself to be cost and time-effective.

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